You Can Make A Difference For The Future of Misty Fiords Wilderness


Here's How: 

1.  Write a letter or send an e-mail to the following public officials.  Your letters, telephone calls or e-mails do influence public policy.  Please do it today!  We have included a sample message to each official.  A message in your own words is best, but every message counts, even if it is a copy of the message below!  You can use your mouse to copy and paste the sample message into your e-mail message box.


Ronald R. Schonenbach, Regional Manager 
Alaska Division of Land & Water Management
400 Willoughby Ave Ste 400
Juneau, AK 99801

The State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Division of Land & Water Management is responsible for management of the tide and submerged lands in most of the state, including those within federal conservation units, like Misty Fiords.  Whether a permit is issued for a floating dock or even more serious losses of wilderness values will ultimately depend on decisions made by this agency.

Sample message to this state official:

Dear Mr. Schoenbach:  

I am concerned about wilderness in Misty Fiords National Monument.  While I understand the state of Alaska manages tide and submerged lands in this area, I believe it is important that agencies work together to maintain the wilderness integrity of this area.  There are many places in SE Alaska that are not wilderness.  This one has been set aside because of its great scenic, wilderness, and wildlife values.  Please do not issue a permit for a floating dock or other semi-permanent structures in Rudyerd Bay!


United States Dept of Agriculture / US Forest Service

Tom Puchlerz
Forest Supervisor
Tongass National Forest
648 Mission St
Ketchikan, AK 99901

The U.S. Forest Service is charged with protecting the wilderness values of the uplands -- everything above mean high tide.  The State of Alaska gives great weight to the management direction of upland landowners, so the comments of the Forest Service on this issue are critical to the future of wilderness in Rudyerd Bay and elsewhere in Misty Fiords.

Sample message to this federal official:

Dear Mr. Puchlerz:  

Maintaining the wilderness character of Misty Fiords National Monument is important to me and to future generations.  I object to large numbers of visitors coming to remote areas of this wilderness area and semi permanent structures which detract from the wilderness experience of anyone visiting the area.  Please do anything in your power to keep Misty Fiords wilderness wild!


US Department of the Army / Corps of Engineers

Steve Duncan
US Army Corps of Engineers
Regulatory Branch
P.O. Box 898
Anchorage, AK 99506-0898

The United States Army Corps of Engineers is responsible for permitting structures on navigable waterways.  

Sample message to this federal official:

Dear Mr. Duncan:  

I am concerned about loss of wilderness values in Rudyerd Bay in Misty Fiords National Monument.  This area was set aside for wilderness protection because of its high value to Americans and visitors.  I don't object to visitors, but I am very concerned about open-ended tourism business operations that detract from the wilderness experience of the area.  Please deny a permit for operations in these waters!


2.  Consider becoming a Friend of Misty Fiords Wilderness.


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