Letter from US Forest Service Ketchikan District Ranger to Alaska Department of Natural Resources regarding complaints about the un-permitted floating dock in Rudyerd Bay

United States Department of Agriculture
Forest Service Alaska Region 
Ketchikan Ranger District
Misty Fiords National Monument
3031 Tongass Avenue
Ketchikan, Alaska 99901

File Code: 5440

Date: July 20, 1999

Bob Palmer, Lands Officer
State of Alaska
Department of Natural Resources
Division of Land
400 Willoughby Avenue, Suite 400
Juneau, AK 99801

Dear Mr. Palmer:

Thank you for responding to the complaint the Forest Service received on the floats located in Rudyerd Bay. On June 28, 1999, my staff was contacted by Rob Scherer, a permitted outfitter and guide in the Misty Fiords National Monument, concerning the same issue. This is our second recent complaint about the floats currently located in Rudyerd Bay. I have referred Mr. Scherer to your office and explained that the State has jurisdiction of tidelands and would be the permitting agency.

On that same date after receiving the complaint from Mr. Scherer, Ken Crevier from this office contacted you. As discussed in the phone conversation with Mr.Crevier, the Forest Service is concerned that the current unauthorized use of the tidelands in Rudyerd Bay by Alaska Cruises may conflict with our management of the uplands and with operations by other permitted users. We believe if this issue is not resolved this type of long term, unauthorized use by an operator may set a precedent. We hope the State will take appropriate action to correct this issue.

Rudyerd Bay is located within the Misty Fiord National Monument in National Forest System lands that are designated Wilderness National Monument. The Forest Service goal for Wilderness National Monument lands as outlined in the Tongass Land Management Plan is to maintain an enduring wilderness resource while providing for public access and uses consistent with the Wilderness Act of 1964, the Alaska National Interests Lands Conservation Act of 1980 (ANILCA), and their respective Presidential Proclamations of 1978. As the land manager, the Forest Service is to provide a high degree of remoteness from the sights and sounds of humans assuring there are opportunities for solitude and primitive recreation activities consistent with wilderness preservation.

We look forward to working with you on this project. Upon notification of a tideland permit application for the Rudyerd Bay site the Forest Service will offer comments related to the management of these lands. Your contact at this office is Ken Crevier, Permit Administrator, (907) 228-4141.


Jeremiah C. Ingersoll
District/Monument Ranger


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